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Aerospace and aviation

Aerospace and aviation

The Aerospace Industry consists of researching, developing, and manufacturing air propulsion flight vehicles. Examples of vehicles include fixed and rotary-wing aircraft (airplanes & helicopters), uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs and drones), missiles, and crewed and uncrewed spacecraft. RVI Infinity Innovation offers visual inspection solutions for the aerospace industry with a variety of borescopes.

Aircraft engines or helicopter turbines are probably the most sensitive components for manufacturers and airlines. Safety is particularly important here, which is why all engines, whether civil or military, must be checked regularly. Well-known manufacturers and airlines have relied on the high quality of Inspector serious endoscopes for years. They quickly and reliably detect foreign object damage (FOD) as well as the finest cracks and defects in highly stressed engine components. Whether for combustion chamber or turbine blade, at the test stand or on the apron, we offer the right inspection and documentation solution for every area. Flexible video endoscopes and fiber-optic endoscopes or rigid endoscopes can be combined in many ways with light sources, imaging and documentation units.

Airframe and power plant maintenance in airplanes and helicopters is characterized by regular inspection cycles, strict tolerances, and high standards regarding the documentation of maintenance results and defects. Visual inspection saves time since videoscopes as well as rigid and flexible endoscopes can be used to inspect and test difficult-to-access areas – with little disassembly required. Endoscopes, cameras, and measuring and documentation systems from Inspector serious products support inspectors worldwide in achieving maximally reliable maintenance results with an optimal time investment.

Time-optimized visual inspection/Minimum disassembly required/Reliable maintenance results