RVI Infinity Innovation Inspector 3D /videoscope

Inspector 3D
Designed for industrial non-destructive inspection
  • Real HD image quality
  • 7-inch touchscreen
  • All way smooth and precise joystick articulation
  • High power LED with fiber output
  • Portable and robust handheld design, easy operation1.
  • Length/Point to line/Depth/Area/Multi-segment/Depth profile/Depth map/3D point cloud for defect estimation
industrial, for pipe inspection, for automobiles, for pipes, for remote visual inspection, engine, for boilers, for turbine engine inspection, for machines, welding, for corrosion inspection, for defect inspection, for visual inspection quality control
Other characteristics
with 4-way rotation, LCD display, portable, with memory card, infrared, with WIFI kit, waterproof, articulated, with joystick, long-distance, interchangeable probe, small-diameter, UV

Min.: 4 mm (0.16 in)

Max.: 6 mm (0.24 in)

Cable length

Min.: 1 m (3'03")

Max.: 3 m (9'10")

Inspector 3D industrial videoscope\borescope\endoscope
The latest technology of HD imager + freely interchangeable probes+3D point cloud
HD with the latest technology
Video imaging components
Equipped with the latest technology of high-definition video imaging components, resolution up to 1280x720, available pixles up to 921,600.00,high-intensity power light source and excellent visual processor, so as to provide you with clearer still pictures and videos to help operators determine defects faster and more accurately.
Advanced probe freely interchangeable technology
The probe can be replaced quickly according to different working conditions. The diameter of the probe are available of 4mm and 6mm. Different working lengths are available from 1M to 3M. Save equipment purchase costs and improve after-sales service efficiency
Powerful and portable
Inspector 3D has built-in Intel high-performance processor, large-capacity high-speed memory, 7-inch touch screen IPS wide-angle high-definition LCD screen, resolution up to XVGA as 1920x1200, which can easily handle various complex tasks, the system adopts durable and ergonomically designed integrated handheld operation. The overall easy operation is convenient. Store and carry.
High-Power High-brightness LED rear design
The use of high-power and high-brightness LED lighting source design guarantees the lighting requirements for visual inspection in large spaces. For example, inside the gearbox of a large wind turbine or inside a gas turbine, it has a wider application space than traditional LED front light output design.
Flexible single-finger articulation technology
The latest single-finger articulation technology is easy to operate while ensuring precise control of the guidance. Compared with the traditional articulation technology, it is more accurate and stable. The new design ensures stable performance of the articulation mechanism system, which is easy to repair and reduces the maintenance cost.
Field-based industrial design
Take into account the maintenance cost control in the later period
The system is built in industrial grade materials and durable design
Perfectly face to the harsh industrial site testing environment
At the same time, reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment in the later stage
Reduce the difficulty and risk of maintenance personnel
Intuitive operation interface
Interactive software tailored specifically for endoscopic visual inspection
The most commonly used functions are displayed on graphical buttons to facilitate the operator to quickly find the desired function and reduce the cost of learning, which is easy to use and practical.
3D measurement with 3D point cloud

More 3D measurement options for crack estimation:

1. length

2. Point to line.

3. Depth.

4. Area.

5. Multi-segment.

6. Depth profile.

7. Depth map

8. 3D point cloud


Suitable for different Industrial sector
Reduce potential downtime for maintenance and personal injury
Provide maximum value for asset managers
· Turbine and engine · Combustion chamber
· High and low pressure compressor · Wing, fuel tank
· Synthetic materials and components, etc.
· Boiler plant, pressure vessel · Pressure pipeline, process pipeline · Reactor, heat exchanger
Power generation
· Excess and foreign matter grabbing · Turbine blade inspection
· Generator internal inspection
· Main steam pipeline, condenser
More industry applications
· Water pump
· Engine · Generator · Gearbox · Pipeline
· Turbine blades · Compressors