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Our endoscope repair service for systems for visual inspection

Is your endoscope damaged? Has the casing of your probe been destroyed? Is there a crack in the lens of your camera? Do you need a repair or modification of your inspection device? Then our Endsokop Repair Service is the right place for you! Our competent endoscope repair technicians repair your endoscope or your inspection camera!



Short repair times and rental equipment service

Does your videoscope fail when you need it most? We solve your problem and offer you short repair times and replacement rental equipment quickly and inexpensively.



Inexpensive repairs of endoscopes and other inspection devices

Our technicians will check your inspection device for you and provide you with a detailed cost estimate for your product. We only repair or replace the component actually affected. In some cases, a complete overhaul or conversion is worthwhile in order to benefit from additional performance. On request, only minimal endoscope repairs are carried out to ensure proper functionality.


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